Step 1 - Choose your feature options here

US English has full feature support. UK English and AU English have partial feature support. Portuguese and Spanish have only the transcript support.

The VoiceBase API allows for up to 1000 words or phrases to be added. These can be words the engine does not already know, or words it already knows that you want to give additional preference to be transcribed. A sounds-like term helps the engine understand what your custom term or phrase sounds like. Good practice is to use a word that the default speech engine mistranscribes your word as. A weight can also be added, default is 0 which give slight preferential treatment, 5 gives a lot of preferential treatment.

Good: Bryon | Brian | 0
Good: VoiceBase | Voice Space | 2
Good: Welcome to VoiceBase | Welcome to Voice Space | 1
Bad: Bryon | Brian | 6 (6 is not allowed, options are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

A pre-defined Custom Vocabulary List name. You can use the VoiceBase API to create and store a Custom Vocabulary List.

Here is a sample ID bd35a528-1b8d-467f-a18c-0af1203baa8a

Here is a sample name PLACEHOLDER

Is your audio a stereo recording where parties are separated by channel (typical for telephony)? If yes, check stereo and enter the speakers on the left and right channels, for example caller and agent. If no, leave as mono (most videos, lectures, etc.)

PCI - Payment Card Information
SSN - Social Security Number
PII - Personal Identifiable Information
All Numbers - All numbers: one, two, three, fifty, one hundred, etc.
When enabled, these models will return start and stop times of utterances. The utterances will also be removed from the audio at VoiceBase and replaced with a tone which can be downloaded using an additional VoiceBase API call.

Step 2 - Add Metadata (Optional)

VoiceBase allows you to assign your own ID to a job. Uniqueness is not enforced on the VoiceBase side.

Any Metadata you enter is returned with job results.

Step 3 - Additional Configuration

VoiceBase Supports Polling and Callbacks. You can enter a callback url here or leave blank. If you plan to use the VoiceBase Zapier app trigger then you must set the callback to the Zapier supplied static webhook. We recommend creating your trigger first if you are planning to run a trigger and action. POST and PUT are supported methods. Use POST for Zapier.